Steel framing, especially TRUECORE® steel, has many advantages over building with timber. For us at Steelcraft Frames it’s actually hard to believe why anyone would choose the latter in 2018. From its strength and durability, to its environmental benefits and efficiency to use onsite, steel framing consistently proves to be the superior choice.


1 – Cost effective and more efficient to build with

While timber can be a cheaper building material than steel, steel can be lighter and easier to assemble as well as come pre-assembled. This means that steel can be more cost effective during the building stage for you and you will also be less weather dependant as a result of the resistance of steel to the elements keeping your build time on track.

As a matter of fact, we’ve seen 50% panelisation from our building partners and 75% less construction project field time as a result of using steel.When you consider all the benefits you get from steel compared to timber framing, steel is better value for money.


2 – Stronger & Straighter

Using steel will give your build a straighter finish, especially along roof lines, ceilings and walls, which, when built from timber, can visibly flex and warp over time. Steel provides stronger foundations preventing your client’s home from sloping and sinking over time. Steel is also resists damage from storms, wind and lightning better than timber.


3 – Fire Resistant

Timber framed homes are vulnerable to fire, as we have seen with the various tragedies that have occurred across Queensland. Steel is non-combustible, and will not bend or warp in fire. When it come to fire resistance, steel framing can mean the difference between fixing a home or rebuilding it entirely.


4 – Termite proof without the use of harmful chemicals

Termites are known as the ‘silent destroyer’, usually undetected, eating away at the depths of your home, until it’s too late. While treated timber can be termite resistant, treatment usually only lasts for about 25 years. Steel framing provides a lifetime guarantee against termites destroying your client’s home, without the added chemicals and toxins.

No toxins means a safer work environment also for the most important thing, yourself and the people who are helping you build your homes.


5 – Sustainable

BlueScope steel is 100% recyclable and therefore benefits the environment.


6 – Peace of mind for your clients with a 50-year warranty.

Because we use TRUECORE® steel here at Steelcraft Framing that means that your build will be backed by a 50-year warranty. That’s peace of mind for you and your client for the long haul.

For those that are tossing up whether to buy an existing home or build new, there’s something that the team here at Steelcraft Framing all agree upon…there’s something special about building. Some may think that we are slightly biased but there’s some things that you just can’t refute when you compare the two, so we thought we’d dedicate this post to sharing them with you.


Creative (and thermal) control

Choosing, building and moving into your own home is such an emotionally charged experience and an expression of you. When choosing the design, colour selections, specifications, and internal furnishings it feels like you’re creating you little castle in the world which shows and has your family’s personality, a place where you picture you and your family making memories.

Something dear to our heart, is the way that building also allows you to choose what materials you build with. Lightweight materials like steel not only allow for quicker construction so you can get into your dream home faster, but also allow you to build smarter as these materials can positively affect the thermal environment of your home. So you can be cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter.


No old baggage

In a similar sense to buying a second-hand car, sometimes those that buy existing get a little more than what they bargained for. Old wiring, pipes, termites in the framing, bugs/rodents, things can need fixing –a real issue if you are on a budget and then need to pay for repairs after purchasing.

Then there’s also the sense of the unknown…who knows what issue is behind the walls and what it will cost you.

On the other hand, when you build new you have the peace of mind of the builder’s guarantees and warranties. And when you build with a Steelcraft frame you’ll get a 50-year warranty giving you additional peace of mind.


So fresh and so clean

This is one of the most mentioned one’s when you talk to someone who has built new… living in a home that no one else has lived in before has the added appeal of being completely fresh and clean. You won’t be living in any else’s dirt and you know that the home comes with the most modern fixtures and fittings.

It’s brand new for the same price or sometimes less

The fact is that building new can cost you less. With reduced stamp duty and additional grants, a new home is usually also more energy efficient so will save on those pesky bills. But that’s not all…

Depending on where you live, research shows that it can be cheaper to build a home rather than to buy existing. According to CoreLogic RP data (March 2017) here’s a comparison across the States:

Sydney: Cheaper to build
Melbourne: Cheaper to build
Brisbane: Cheaper to buy an existing home
Adelaide: Cheaper to build
Perth: Cheaper to buy an existing home
Hobart: Cheaper to buy an existing home

So, there you have, our thoughts on why you’d buy new. Have we tempted a few of you out there? We hope so as we know you won’t regret it.