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Steelcraft Framing® is a complete structural solutions business. Steelcraft Framing® will be “Supporting Your Build” before, during and after construction.

Our advanced framing system is the smarter, safer and more dependable choice for the structural backbone of your home.

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard, full-service steel structural solutions, and we manufacture each frame as if it were for our own home. Customer feedback indicates that not only do builders and homeowners value our industry leading products, but they love the caring, old-fashioned service from the expert Steelcraft team.

Why compromise? Insist on Steelcraft Framing®

  • Free advice and support
  • Obligation-free quotations
  • Expert computerised framing design
  • Advanced manufacturing technology
  • Accuracy and quality control second-to-none
  • Prefabrication saving construction time and money
  • Inclusion of high-quality installation hardware
  • Fully integrated structural steel fabrication and installation.
  • Crane truck deliveries
  • Clear A3 installation plans
  • Installation option for customers in SE QLD
  • Independent structural engineering certification
  • Peace of mind 50-year Truecore® warranty*
  • Steelcraft® frames you can trust for the long run


01. Choosing your builder

02. Detailing

03. Engineering

04. Manufacture

05. Delivery

06. Optional Installation

This step is very important and will determine the final quality of your home. We recommend choosing a builder that puts at least as much effort into selecting the critical structural framing of your home, as the final cosmetic touches. When your builder uses a Steelcraft® frame for your home, you know that they care and are not taking shortcuts. The result will be a stronger, straighter and more durable backbone to your home, safeguarding your investment and family.

Transforming dreams to reality. Our talented detailing team will review your design and request any additional information to ensure they create an accurate framing model using advanced CAD software.

An independent, licenced structural engineer will review your framing and advise of any amendments that are required considering your individual design and site details. Any modifications are incorporated by the detailing team to ensure a safe, strong and compliant structure. Upon completion of this process the engineer will provide design certification. (Form 15)

Your finalised CAD framing files are sent to state-of-the-art rollforming machines where they are manufactured to precise tolerances. Pre-fabrication in our controlled factory environment means significantly improved quality control and leads to faster site construction, allowing you to move into your new home sooner.

After receiving confirmation that your site and concrete slab is ready, your Steelcraft Framing® is carefully loaded onboard speciality crane trucks for delivery. Also onboard are your plans and a complete installation hardware kit.


You will see your home begin to take shape as your quality Steelcraft Framing®is erected. Sit back, relax and enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is supported by market-leading frames you can trust. After installation is complete an independent frame inspection is undertaken to ensure total quality control. When this is successfully completed, the relevant inspector will issue a frame inspection certificate. (Form 16)


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