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Quite simply, it is the benchmark system that represents value for money, brings peace of mind and gives the best start to your new home.

Steel is inherently strong.  Steelcraft Framing® complies with Australian Standards and has been specifically designed to cope with extreme Australian weather conditions.

Steel framing has been used in Australia for over 50 years. In fact, it has long been the framing material of choice in demanding commercial sector. In Australia the market share of steel framing is continually expanding as more reputable builders and knowledgeable homeowners seek better long-term solutions for their homes.

Tell them no problem! Our frames are chosen by reputable builders for their quality and durability. We can also support builders with installation options if preferred. Feedback from builders indicates that the ability to provide a quality steel frame solution is driving increased sales to their business.

Steel framing is termite proof ensuring the long-term structural integrity to the ‘backbone’ of your home. Treated timber is more resistant to termites but it still doesn’t make the framing structure termite and borer proof.

Truecore® steel is easily identifiable with by its distinctive blue coating. It also has small printed markings confirming it is a genuine Bluescope product and complies with AS1397.

Truecore® steel is covered by a warranty that is up to 50 years subject to Bluescope. The warranty is offered to eligible applicants for residential applications and is subject to terms and conditions. See or click on the link to register.

Our framing uses the latest CAD and roll-forming technology to ensure a trouble free and fast installation experience. As steel has consistent qualities and is straight and true, the carpenter also avoids the hassle of straightening frames after installation. A higher strength to weight ratio means carpenters will also enjoy the manual handling benefits of light weight steel framing.

Yes, lighter items can be hung using plasterboard anchors and for heavier items it is recommended to use a self-drilling screw to fix directly to the studs. Studs can be located using a stud finder and some tradesman and homeowners alternatively use a magent to locate the studs. 

Yes, at Steelcraft Framing® each frame comes with a comprehensive hardware kit containing items specified for a correct and totally compliant installation of your frame. The kit varies depending on the individual design and commonly contains items such as washered drive pins and charges, tie down bolts, galvanised washers, temporary bracing, hex and flat head screws, framing screws, speed bracing, cyclone straps, truss spacers, trimmers and service hole grommets.

Absolutely, it will help safeguard your investment from termites and can often improve your resale value. (Note that termite damage is commonly excluded on many insurance policies).

Steelcraft Framing® use TRUECORE® steel in our frames and trusses. This steel is protected from corrosion by being hot dipped in an aluminium/zinc magnesium alloy coating. BlueScope have tested the steel rigorously and are confident to back it with a class-leading warranty.

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