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Steel has become a universal building product due to its strength, versatility, durability and economic value. A home built from a Steelcraft® frame will give you peace of mind knowing that the vital structural support of your home is;


Termite and Pest Resistant

  • The structural integrity of your home will never be compromised by termites and pests.
Strength to Weight

Highest Strength to Weight Ratio

  • Steel frames have the highest strength to weight ratio of any framing methods.
  • Frames from Steelcraft® Framing are lightweight, strong and durable.

Durable & Resistant

  • Steel frames will not warp, twist, split or rot over time.
  • Steel also moves less, which reduces the chance of cracks and sticking windows and doors.

Precision Manufacturing

  • All steel is precision engineered and certified
  • A frame made from Steelcraft® Framing is strong, straight and true, resulting in a superior finish to your home.
  • Steel frames are extremely neat and efficient thanks to the pre-punched holes for electrical and plumbing services.
  • Faster installation time means you are in your new home sooner.

100% Recyclable

  • Steel framing is 100% recyclable for improve sustainability and a positive environmental impact.

Superior to Timber at Competitive Price

  • Steel is superior in overall quality and longevity
  • It is non-combustible and won’t catch fire
  • It doesn’t need to be treated with harmful chemicals
  • Steel frames have become the preferred product for Australia’s leading builders
  • Steelcraft® frames are fully complaint with Australian standards

Know the FACTS

A Steelcraft® Framing system provides builders and owner builders with a stronger, safer and more efficient way to build.

Steelcraft® frames are precision engineered, dimensionally accurate, straight and true, with no risk of warping, twisting or rotting, a Steelcraft® steel house frame made from Bluescope Steel will mean that more homes can be constructed with each being less affected by weather.

Faster Panelisation

Greater strength to weight
ratio than wood

Less construction
project field time

Estimated life


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